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A blocked drain? Drainage problems are often the cause of blocked bathroom toilets and clogged kitchen sinks.

A persistent overflowing toilet or slow draining kitchen sink is a sure sign that drain unblocking is needed once again. Whatever was blocking your drains previously has still not cleared! Time for an emergency call out to Surrey Drains unblocking services – your local, professional drainage experts covering Bookham and all surrounding areas throughout the south east.

Contact Surrey Drains by calling our office at 0148 338 5120, or visit our contact page to request an inspection.

Surrey Drains does not simply “point, jet clean and leave”

We “Find, Assess and Treat” the causes of drain obstruction.

Drain Unblocking – Find  –  Assess  – Treat

Before unblocking a drain it’s essential to first find the cause of the drain blockage.


Using latest CCTV technology we will locate exactly where your drain is blocked along the drainage pipe system.

Our equipment is designed to inspect your entire drainage and sewer system.

Our comprehensive CCTV drain survey report provides:

  • Video evidence
  • Professional analysis
  • Detailed treatment recommendations

Next, a full assessment to discover the extent of your drain blockage


Surrey Drains Bookham Team use regulation-compliant, drainage survey reporting software tools, legally recognised and trusted by mortgage providers and insurance companies.

Before we proceed to treat, our drain unblocking team will also investigate if your drain is in need of structural repair

Our experienced drain and pipe unblocking specialists are fully equipped to carry out drainage services which provide long lasting solutions, including:

  • Descaling and cleaning drainage system pipes to prevent blockages
  • Detecting and fixing leaking pipes
  • Patch repairs to damaged pipework
  • Unblocking soil stacks and downpipes



Full drain cleaning

Professional industry tools for completing a full drain cleaning include:

  • Drain jetting – powerful drain unblocking which will also thoroughly clean drainage systems
  • Drain rodding – customised manual solution for certain types of drain blockages and obstructions
Surrey drain unblocking services
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Unblocking a Kitchen Sink or Bathroom Sink

It’s likely the original drain unblocking was not completely successful.

Long term build up of an obstruction in the pipework can be difficult to completely clear unless treated by experienced drainage engineers.

There could still be the partial remains of waste materials in more than one location or deep within the drainage system.

Fat – the N0.1 reason for drain blockages – is  caused by cooking and frying oils emptied down the kitchen sink. Over time, the oils form thick sticky fat deposits that build up and obstruct the pipework.

Wet wipes – now also a major cause of blocked drainage systems. In a very short period of time the materials stick to each other and other substances, including fat, to quickly cause a clogged pipe.

Further drain blockages can also be caused via the kitchen sink by food and drink waste, including coffee grounds

drain unblocking

Why are my drains blocked?

Your drains may have recently been “cleaned” once but the problem has returned! Once again you may be experiencing:

  • A foul smell
  • Blocked sinks
  • Overflowing toilet


Why unblocking drains is a priority!

Besides the bad smell, sewage in your garden or outside of your property is clearly a health hazard. But a blocked drain is one that is under pressure which leads to damage to the drain lining or structure.

Got a plumbing problem? Contact us by calling our office at 0148 338 5120, or visit our contact page to request an inspection.

John Fahy
John Fahy
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Perfect customer service. I sent an email yesterday evening and I got a call back almost straight away. Even if the issue does not seem to be drain related, they were helping me on the phone very nicely. Definitely will keep them as a contact if I need them in the future. Thank you!
Sarah O'Neill
Sarah O'Neill
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Surrey Drains did a super job in our apartment in Bagshot identifying the blockages from the manholes outdoors and clearing the blockages quickly.
Gillian Coleman
Gillian Coleman
Read More
Honest, professional and neat job. Declan and team called round to see the job first, gave us sound advice (saying I didn't need to do some of the work that had been suggested to me), provided a competitive quote and then did a great job. Honestly very impressed with them.
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