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A blocked drain at your Merrow home or commercial premises is inconvenient. It has to be dealt with quickly so who should you turn to? The team at Surrey Drains are experts in diagnosing the problem as well as using the latest technology and techniques to restore free-flowing water in drains.

A blocked drain at your Merrow home or commercial premises is inconvenient. It has to be dealt with quickly so who should you turn to?

The team at Surrey Drains are experts in diagnosing the problem as well as using the latest technology and techniques to restore free-flowing water in drains.

Suspect a blocked drain?

In some instances, the time you notice a blocked drain is when waste water is pushed up through the drain cover. But there are other signs that suggest a problem:

  • Gurgling noise – when water has drained from bathroom or kitchen sinks, the bath or shower, do you notice a gurgling sound? If so, this is a sign that the water is struggling to drain away efficiently.
  • Slow draining water – water should leave the sink quickly but if it is slow draining, this is a sure sign there is a partial or full blockage in the drain system.
  • A bad smell – if you notice a bad odour either inside or outside your property, this is a sign that there is standing or pooling waste water in the drain.

Contact Surrey Drains by calling our office at 0148 338 5120, or visit our contact page to request an inspection.

What causes a drain blockage?

There are many factors that contribute to a blocked drain:

  • Flushing wet wipes and/or sanitary products – even though some products claim to be flushable, they are not. Over time, they can accumulate, forming a large blockage that can be difficult to shift.
  • Washing fat directly into the drain – fatbergs are not uncommon and can be very difficult to shift. Fat washed directly into the drain can contribute to partial blockages.
  • Hair – without a hair trap on showers and bathroom basins, hair is washed into the drains. This can quickly build up in internal pipework, as well as contribute to a blockage further into the drain.
  • Disposing of food and drink products down the kitchen sink – from coffee grounds to undissolved bath salts and other toiletries, some of the everyday things we consume can contribute to a blocked drain.
  • A collapsed or damaged drain – damaged by building work of tree roots, or collapsing due to age, the drain structure itself can form the blockage.
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How to unblock a drain

Firstly, don’t attempt to unblock the drain yourself. You could actually cause more damage that requires expensive repair.

The best solution is to call in the experts like our local Merrow team, professionals at diagnosing and unblocking drains.

Using high-pressure water jets, the blockage is quickly dispersed into smaller sections so that the main sewage system is able to process the detritus effectively.

Drain Unblocking Merrow – How We Can Help YOU Right Now

  • Attend your property within the hour
  • Diagnose your blocked drains / sewerage issues 
  • Give you a cost so you can decide if you want us to resolve on site
  • Find and resolve your issues
  • Leave you happy and extremely satisfied with our drainage service
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We clean the drain, as well as outside areas contaminated by waste water. But we go further than simply unblocking the drain:

  • CCTV drain surveys – we can check the state of repair of the drain, giving you a detailed report on any repair work that may be needed.
  • Advice and help – our team are on hand to give advice so that blocked drains can be avoided in the future.


Our teams work daily throughout the county, as well as local to Merrow, and so are on hand to deal with any emergency blocked drain, Our emergency call out service is exactly what you need to deal with a blocked drain – call us to find out more!

Avoiding blocked drains in the future

It is important to keep drains running freely. Here are a few tips to make that happen:
  • Do not flush away wet wipes and sanitary products, even if they say they are flushable
  • Do not wash away fat but dispose of by using a specialist company or using a solidifying agent and placing in the bin
  • Compost food waste including coffee ground and tea leaves, or recycle in the food waste bin at the kerbside but not into the drain
  • Use a hair trap on showers and baths to stop hairballs from forming in the pipes
  • Consider a CCTV drain survey to check the drain lining for damage

Got a plumbing problem? Contact us by calling our office at 0148 338 5120, or visit our contact page to request an inspection.

John Fahy
John Fahy
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Perfect customer service. I sent an email yesterday evening and I got a call back almost straight away. Even if the issue does not seem to be drain related, they were helping me on the phone very nicely. Definitely will keep them as a contact if I need them in the future. Thank you!
Sarah O'Neill
Sarah O'Neill
Read More
Surrey Drains did a super job in our apartment in Bagshot identifying the blockages from the manholes outdoors and clearing the blockages quickly.
Gillian Coleman
Gillian Coleman
Read More
Honest, professional and neat job. Declan and team called round to see the job first, gave us sound advice (saying I didn't need to do some of the work that had been suggested to me), provided a competitive quote and then did a great job. Honestly very impressed with them.
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