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5* Drain Cleaning & Unblocking Service In Surrey. Competitive & Trusted

We’re here to help you – the customer. We pride ourselves on being the absolute experts when it comes to unblocking your drains, fixing pipe work, removing sewage obstructions & more.

We’re here for you 24 hours a day – and our engineers have extensive experience with plumbing, drainage, surveys & more.

We don’t only save you time but money by working fast to get your drain unblocked
We are experts in all areas of drainage including drain maintenance and drain clearance.
Our CCTV services help you discover whether drains are cracked or collapsed.
Our same day response times help you fight blockages & other problems as quickly as possible.

24/7 emergency call out service

Need Help Now? Call Us!


If your drains are slow to drain off or have stopped draining altogether – we can help. Our Surrey Drainage specialists have extensive experience in clearing pipes, drains & run offs. We’ll restore your homes / properties drainage to how it should be.


Blocked drains can quickly escalate and can present risk from sewerage coming into the property through to burst mains and more – we’re fast, so when you encounter a blockage we aim to be there as quickly as possible – we offer round the clock call outs.


With NO call out charge and quick on site attendance – we’re a preferred option for lots of home owners and business owners across Surrey.

We’re competitively priced without any compromise on service quality.


There’s no point doing a job unless it’s done properly – that’s our ethos. Our drainage engineers are highly trained experts with many decades of experience.

We’re trusted and so are our drain plumbers who are passionate about delivering a swift solution to blocked drains Surrey.

See Why Homeowners in Surrey Choose to Work with Blocked Drain Surrey

Jamie Challis – Oxted
Jamie Challis – Oxted
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We called Surrey Drains Local Services at around 11pm at night – our sinks had blocked earlier in the day releasing a foul waste smell. On flushing the toilet we noticed water started to feed back up through the sink plug hole – the stench and reversal of drainage was terrible. We called Surrey Drains Local Services out – they attended within 2 hours and the problem was resolved within an hour. We were very pleased with the engineer who turned up – he was very courteous and it didn’t cost as much as we were expecting.
Hannah Crossing – Redhill
Hannah Crossing – Redhill
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We run a restaurant and found that the toilets had been blocked. Being quite busy it was important for the toilets to be unblocked. Nappies amongst other things were the cause of our blockage – Surrey Drains arrived and quickly unblocked our toilets allowing customers to continue using the toilet.

An ordinary domestic sink plunger may not clear your clogged sink or toilet blockage.

Don’t panic! Surrey Drains emergency plumbers will unblock your drain or unblock your bathroom toilet fast! Drain unblocking is straightforward with Surrey Drains.

Are you in a hard to find location? No problem for Surrey Drains!

We will find you! Our Surrey drainage service covers the entire county, outlying towns and villages right across south east England.

We’re just one click or call away from fixing your drainage problem. That’s why people turn to us for blocked drains surrey.

Our team of trained and experienced drainage system experts unblock drains and unblock toilets throughout Surrey and the surrounding area.

Surrey Drains provides a comprehensive drainage service – we can fix all types of clogged or blocked drains and drainage systems.

Our professional drainage unblocking services are more than fast and efficient. Surrey Drains is competitively-priced too, including our emergency call out.

Whether domestic drains or industrial drains, our specialist drain unblocking equipment is designed to handle any drain blockage quickly and easily, including:

  •         CCTV drain surveys
  •         Drain cleaning
  •         Drain jetting / Water jetting
  •         Drain rodding

Your blocked drain may be the result of one or more obstructions…

Fat – is usually high up on the list of typical causes of drain blockage. Layers of sticky fat deposits build up when frying pans and roasting tins are emptied into the drainage system.

Wet Wipes – are also now one of the biggest causes of drain blockage. Each wipe will stick to each other and to other materials, including fat.

Other common causes of blocked drains:

  • Hair
  • Food Waste
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Luxury Toilet Paper
  • Cotton Buds
  • Bath Salts
  • Liquid Soap
  • Children’s Toys

Surrey Drains  will quickly identify the source of drain blockage and carry out a fast and thorough drain unblocking and drain cleaning solution. Our specialist power jet equipment will reach deep into the drainage system to clear the blockage

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24-7, 365
Emergency call outs

No call out charge

1 Hour response time


A blocked toilet is stressful and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible, so call Surrey Drains as soon as you notice the problem.

We are open 24/7 – with no call-out fee – and take enormous pride in solving the problem quickly and efficiently.

But your toilet problem may be less urgent. Maybe it is struggling to flush or is not emptying properly? Simply give us a call and we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote to fix it. Our drain plumbers have all the necessary equipment to conduct CCTV drain surveys and assess the causes of a blocked or obstructed drain.

A blocked or slowly draining sink is more than a smelly irritation – it can potentially affect the health of you and your family or staff members.

Fortunately, it is a common problem we deal with frequently and can quickly and properly take care of it.


Here at Surrey Drains Local Services, we’ll address that blocked drain fast, with NO call out charge and emergency plumbers at your beck and call no longer will you have to deal with the smell and bacterial / germ hazards that blocked sinks / cisterns and bowls may harbor.

Drain clearance often requires specialist equipment along with a wealth of expertise to ensure local and remote blockages are swiftly dealt with – without breaking or damaging any internal plumbing infrastructure.

Blockages are not the only thing that can cause drain issues. Sometimes the drain problem is damage to the structure of the drain itself caused by incremental wear over time, cracks caused by home improvement projects, and other causes. Surrey Drains can find and repair, re-line, or fully replace the drain depending on the damage.

People who use corrosive agents to self-unblock sinks can also unwittingly damage pipework depending on how the drain unblocking agent / chemical is used. Lots of people unwittingly use multiple drain unclogging chemicals in situ -these can be extremely dangerous if mixed with other acids releasing chlorine gas and other corrosive materials.

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