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It’s one thing to know that a drain has a problem. It’s another thing to know what exactly the cause of the blockage is. If you are constantly experiencing blocked drains despite best efforts to have them resolved, we have news for you.

Do you know that a lot of digging that goes on around pipes during the investigation of drainage issues are unnecessary if there’s a means to know where the real problem is? While it is possible to trace drainage problems when they manifest, are you also aware that many other issues that are yet to manifest can never be discovered manually?

Now, the good news. Do you know that a CCTV Drain survey can help you find out the real problems of blocked drains and even help discover problems with pipes that are yet to manifest?

If what you need is a precise investigation of blocked drains through expert techniques handled by some of the best professionals in all of Surrey, we are your best choice. And we say that with confidence.

With our equipment and team of professionals, we can investigate every kind of drainage problem, as we have always done. Once we locate the problems, we don’t leave it at that. We recommend solutions, and we help correct the problems as well.

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When inspection of drains is done by professionals, no matter how diligent the engineers are, some important details are often left out because they can’t be seen due to the nature of those faults. Whereas a CCTV survey ensures no details are left unnoticed no matter how insignificant it seems.

The client is availed of this survey information which allows for an informed decision on the best way to tackle the problem. Without the survey, most of the decisions taken may not be far-reaching enough. This often leads to much more problems and future blockages or leakages.

We are your ultimate “CCTV drain survey near me” anywhere around Surrey.

So if what you need is expert analysis on what may be the real cause of the drainage problem, with proven options on recommendations to fix them once and for all, do contact us today.

CCTV Drain Survey Service

Contact Surrey Drains by calling our office at 0148 338 5120, or visit our contact page to request an inspection

Which Equipment Do We Use?

An effective CCTV Drain survey involves the skilled use of several high-tech types of equipment before a successful investigation is completed. Here are some of our equipment:

  • Waterproof cameras

No one equipment is more important than the other, but the importance of the waterproof camera can never be overemphasized.

Our cameras are not just waterproof to survive the thorough investigation, they are also resilient and rugged enough to withstand whatever the pressure of water is inside the pipes.

What the camera does is access the inside of the drains and relay the exact conditions to our engineers in real-time. Our cameras also record the proceedings to allow for further investigation of the drain condition. 

  • Access Rods

The access rods are necessary to navigate the cameras successfully. Without the rods, the cameras can’t be operated effectively inside the pipes. The rods are also important in ensuring the camera remains steady throughout the investigation. 

  • Crawlers

Sometimes, as part of our investigation, we realize that there are inner parts of the pipes that need to be further investigated beyond what we have seen. We deploy the use of crawlers at this point, and they are used to provide us further information from the most inaccessible parts of the drain. These crawlers, which can reach the deepest parts, are remotely controlled by our engineers. 

  • SONAR unit

Our operations are thorough. For this reason, we also deploy the use of resonance technology to further investigate faults wherever we feel the cameras aren’t giving us adequate information. SONAR technology involves the use of sound engineering to investigate even the deepest parts of the drainage system. Used in advanced operations, we deploy this technique as a guarantee to ensure a perfect solution.

CCTV Drainage in Surrey
CCTV drain survey Surrey
CCTV Drain Surveys


The traditional method of investigating leakages and blockages in pipes often involve the very dirty and disruptive process of excavation and digging. However, the CCTV drainage survey erases the need for such complicated work. Our system is equipped to detect the exact faults before any work is recommended at all. This greatly saves time and saves our clients a lot of money that would have been expended on unnecessary digging.

Here’s a procedural guide to how our process works. We assure you, it’s very straightforward and exciting.

  • The first step begins with you. You need to make that decision to call on us today, especially if you’re not certain about what is responsible for the drainage problems you’re experiencing.
  • Once we can confirm your destination, our engineers set out immediately. One thing we’re known for, beyond our efficiency, is speed!
  • Our engineers will talk to you about the nature of the problems are. We need to know this to settle on the kind of equipment to deploy. There’s hardly any kind of drainage problem we haven’t faced before!
  • Once our engineers perfectly understand what the issues are, they move onto work immediately.
  • We next deploy our CCTV camera into the drains to begin our investigation. The carrier of the camera would depend on the nature of the problem. The camera would feed us with all available information.
  • While the camera is operating inside the pipes, we take due notes of all the issues that need to be addressed. The camera would provide all the necessary information, and a plan to address the observed problems would be formulated.
  • Once all the problems have been revealed by the camera, it is withdrawn. An action plan to effectively address it is then settled on. The details, including the camera investigation, will be shared with you to offer first-hand knowledge of what the problems are.
  • The final step also rests with you. If, at that point, you wish to retain our expertise in resolving the issues, we would be at your immediate disposal. Once a quotation is given, you set a timeframe, and the problem is fixed.

As you can see, the process is straightforward. And we’ll be glad to be of help. Call us today. We are always ready to serve you. And, we’re available 24/7!

Got a plumbing problem? Contact us by calling our office at 0148 338 5120, or visit our contact page to request an inspection.

Kim Anderson
Kim Anderson
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Surrey Drains Services is a money saver I'll recommend to anyone who wishes to be free from persistently blocked drains. Their services are not just effective, they are affordable. And they deliver on time!
Bobby Michael
Bobby Michael
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It was the experts at Surrey Drains Services that came to my aid when I wanted a survey of a building I needed to buy. They revealed problems the owner never knew existed. I was greatly relieved that I could decide on the building before it was too late.
Stacey Abraham
Stacey Abraham
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The professionals at Surrey are not only good at what they do, but their customer service is also excellent. When they disclosed what I had to do to get my drains working again after their CCTV investigation, I was given the free hand to choose the next line of action. They were able to rectify the problems as well in a short time. I recommend their services.
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